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Re: "Rotational"

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Fri Oct 8 11:40:13 2010

Hi Rick.I once thought like you did pull the knob to the ball was the right way to hit but now believe rotational hitting and circular hand path is the way to go .the problems I see with a( straight hand path) or( pulling the knob to the ball) are 1)A batter is not is not aware what the bat head is doing behind the head and by pulling the knob foward can lead to being off balance and lunging by pulling the knob foward 2)a straight hand path does not get the( bat head )to the ball as fast as a circular hand path does. with the straight hand path they usally teach the batter to pull the knob to about the front hip then they rotate the bat into the ball.to me thats a two part swing.with the straight hand path you are getting the knob to the hip faster but you still have to rotate the bat head or meat of the bat into the ball.with the circular hand path a batter is rotating the bat head or meat of the bat right away when its behind his head so with circular hand path the bat head is moving imediatly they just start rotating the meat of the bat right into contact its a one part swing so I say rotating the bat head right away is quicker then pulling the bat head foward by pulling the knob foward then rotating the bat head.


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