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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is Lau's

Posted by: Mark H. () on Thu Dec 6 13:02:07 2001

> > However, I agree with Jack about using a non-thumb grip (pull with the fingers) to get tht. I think that is a better way than 'pushing' with the thumb.
> >
> >
> > Could you expand on this?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Mark H.
> Sorry to be cryptic. From a re-read of Tom's post, the open top hand is simply a swing with the top hand along for the ride / stability but not 'used'. This would discourage top hand dominance. Since the bat rests in the V of the thumb and first finger, the base of the thumb could do some pulling / tht. But since its on the pitchers side of the bat, I called it 'pushing' the bat back for tht.
> But I don't think that was CL's intention.
> Lau's hitting philosophy is bottom hand dominant.
> In one sense, that fits with Jack's ideas: the bottom hand arm has the slack taken out of it and is pulled through by shoulder turn. If you take the top hand off and one-arm swing (or loose top hand the bat) you can force that mechanic. But the resemblance is superficial as Lau is not particularly rotational IMO.
> Lau's lower body mechanics are 'weight shift against a firm front leg' oriented. (linear) This tends to lose half the lower body power (no front leg pushing back) and tends to undermine lower body rotation. As a result, with loss of hip rotation, Lau adapted a 'let the top hand go and swing with the bottom hand' concept.
> Clearly with a cramped hip turn, the top hand will really mess up a swing since it can't turn through. The top hand follows the hips as much or more than the shoulders IMO as the elbow tucks against the ribs.
> While Jack worries about the top hand pushing, CL worries about the top hand holding on and slowing or cramping the swing.
> Jack refers to the top hand being used as an oar-lock - as the body turns the top hand keeps pushing the bat. But Jack is clear that the top hand does not push forward away from the body and drive to extension.
> Lau wants to top hand to disappear so it won't hold the bat and swing back when the hip turn cuts off prematurely. big difference there.
> Unfortunately CL won't discuss such issues here. Apparently that spoils the party for him. I've tried in the past as well.

Seems like pushing with the thumb to initiate tht would put you closer to bht position requiring less top hand rotation on the bat? So why is pull better?

Mark H.


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