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Re: Mr.Lau,how does Hank Aaron fit with your Laws?

Posted by: A Eoj () on Thu Dec 6 13:55:49 2001

I would agree that Hank gets onto the front foot like gangbusters,so I can certainly see how your father could realize that Bug squishin and leaving weight on the back foot was in no way a universal.However,Hank was not a lead arm extension sort of hitter.He maintained the circular handpath without much extension except when fooled or for the very outside pitch.How did Hank do so well without much lead arm extension?

Lau is gone Major Dan chased him away. Thats ok I can anser all your questions.For Hank he told me his secret was just seeing the ball and hitting it. He said he didnt pay attention to a lot of needless details.He also said he had a short swing


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