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Re: Re: Re: Re: coaching hitting mechanics

Posted by: Jimmy () on Tue Feb 13 12:54:04 2007

> > > > Why do we have to label hitting mechanics? Do hitters care what the label of the
> > > > mechanical style is that they use to be productive? Can we really only come up
> > two
> > > > different styles of mechanics (linear/rotational)? Couldn't we honestly say that
> > use
> > > > probably 100's of different kinds of mechanics to find what is best for their body
> > > > swing.

> > > >
> > > > Why the debate? Coaches can go in absolute circles trying to prove that their way
> > the
> > > > best and the best is called "X" hitting mechanics. Why not treat each hitter as an
> > individual
> > > > and bring out the most out of him stressing the fundamentals of hitting like
> > THE
> > > > OF BATSPEED.
> > > >
> > > > The debate is what generates $$$$ money $$$$ for many coaches that don't
> > the
> > > > ability to see a swing and actually feel what they watched. The ability to feel a
> > that
> > > > you watch is what allows for proper individual adjustment suggestions. To
> > and
> > > > coach one mechanical technique is really the sign of an inadequate instructor.
> > > >
> > > > Hitters are all individuals and do not use just two different mechanics. As a
matter of
> > fact
> > > > the number of mechanics that are taught by good coaches is uncountable. If a
> > plumber
> > > > only has one tool in his toolbelt than how is he to fix the 100's of different
> > that
> > > > arise? I would say that I wouldn't call a plumber with only one trick up his sleeve
but a
> > > > plumber that can adjust to any individual situation and be efficient in doing so.
> > > >
> > > > Jimmy
> > > >
> > > > ##
> > > >
> > > > Doesn't anyone realize that no two hitters are going to be or try to be exactly
alike in
> > their
> > > > approach or swing mechanics. So why do you try to catagorize hitting mechanics
> > just
> > > > two categories (linear/rotational)?
> > > >
> > > > To state that a hitter uses one "style" or another is funny because the whole point
> > to be a
> > > > productive hitter.
> > > >
> > > > Jimmy
> > >
> > > Theres a hundred different stances, every hitting has a different stance. If u want to
> > with power u have to learn how to torque your body, or get the stretch in your mid
> > that will pull your upper half and hands through the zone. Next you need to learn how
> > swing level to the baseball this can take your contact area from as little as a inch to as
> > much as 2 feet. You also need to learn how to get quick hands or get them inside the
> > baseball, Ted Williams said to do this you have to let your hands follow your body
> > your rotating axis. Most poeple think because theres a thousand diffent stances there
> > must be a thousand different swing wich is completely false. Ounce you have
> > those three basic mechanics. You can work on the metal part of hitting and finding a
> > stance that you feel comfortable with but, if your not teaching those three basic
> > your wasting your time.
> >
> > Josh,
> >
> > I wouldn't teach hitting that way, and I know that I havn't been waisting my time. Sorry
> > you think differently. Maybe I could show you how to teach hitting in a more
> > way? You never know.
> >
> > Jimmy
> Jimmy,
> There are some people who who want to learn from the best like (Ted Williams)And
there are some people who think they can reinvent the game and the swing. 95% OF THE
post your opinion all day long but thats what it is your opinion. Why wouldnt teach hitter a
to use they body correctly (Torque)? Or to swing level to the baseball to improve your
contact area? And to get your hand inside of the baseball by letting your body rotate your
hand through the zone to have a short quick swing? I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO KNOW WHY
YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT HITTING THEN TED WILLIAMS. You can use diffent ques different
ques work for different hitters but those are the mechanics of a good swing you can stay
in denial as long as you want buts its not going to change the facts. And you said you see
all these diffent swing and there never the same wich is about as about as false of a
statement that you can make. From the lauch of the swing or when the hands start going
forward to contact all great hittings swing are nearly identical. The only diffence in the
swing, is alot of the time power hitter will have a bigger upsloap in there swing because
there goal is to get the ball in the air. And a contact average guy will be a little more level
because he is trying to hit more line drive then homeruns. Sorry if im getting a little agry
but I had a highschool coach ruin my baseball career because he use cues like knob to the
ball, swing down for backspin, keep your front side in there, start the swing with your
hands. And I spend hours and hours practicing those mechanics and drills. Because I was
told they would make me better. I went from a freshman starting varsity to not playing my
senior summer because I wasent improving. If I had a coach who spent the time to learn
from the best and to properly learn the mechanics of a swing theres no dont in my mind
that I would have been a college or maybe even pro player. I had my first scholorship offer
at 14 after I made a national team and played in the bahamas against the best carribean
talent around. I led the team in hitting that tourney with my natural rotation mechanics I
was born with. The coach on the team told my dad I had the quickest hands he's ever seen
at any level. Again then I had a highschool coach who I thought would make me better
teach me his opinion. SORRY I just get sort of angry when people ague the facts of
baseball and dont take the time to learn the mechanics of a good swing. Im not the first or
the last that will have a underqualified coach teaching improper mechanics ruin a career. I
just hope there are enought coaches who will take the time to learn from the best, the
information is out there you just have to take the time to learn it. Last I will thank people
like Ted Williams, Mike Epstien and Jack and the batspeed web site moderators who did
the research for us and put the information out there. So Jimmy you can keep agueing
your opinions against facts. But please take the time for your students to really learn the
mechanics this game is alot more fun when your hitting. Sorry to ramble
> Josh


No offense taken, you don't know me or my passion for hitting. And Im sorry that your
high school coach ruined your swing and thats why you didn't get to the Big Leagues. You
still might learn a thing or two from someone that has learned directly from many different
Big League hitters and coaches that have many different good ideas about how to hit, and
not from books and videos. Hitting is much more complex than just linear or rotational.



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