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Re: Re: Re: Re: On plane with the ball

Posted by: Jimmy () on Thu Feb 15 19:02:35 2007


I must be confused because when I talk to Major League coaches they and I agree that if a
hitter tries to be rotational, he is going to have a poor chance at the plate. Too much
violence in terms of hip rotation before the hands start is the path to failure in the Big

Major League coaches and players understand that when a hitter tries to achieve certain
aspects that are in a good swing, it actually ruins the natural progression of a good swing.
For example, if a hitter tries to swing up to meet the pitch that is comming slightly
downward, he will end up swinging further upwards than he would desire thus causing
him to be under the plane of the pitch and not on it. Great hitters creat a feeling of doing
something in order to achieve a certain swing. This is why teaching one style is not the
answer because every hitter has a different feel. I know this because I talk with them



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