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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Linear vs. Rotational DEFINED

Posted by: Jimmy () on Fri Feb 16 12:56:31 2007

> Linear hitters are able to keep the bat on plane longer than the rotational hitters. The
linear hitters generate more back-spin which get you more distance. Rotational hitters
tend to hit a lot more balls with side spin or top spin. It's harder for a rotational hitter to
stay inside the ball. If they let the ball travel into the zone they will get hit on the hands.
The linear hitter can let the ball travel deeper into the zone and go to all fields without
getting jammed. The longer you can wait the better you will be at seeing the spin and
reconizing the pitch. Your hands need to stay flat through the zone and back to the
pitcher to stay inside the ball.


Great points. I'm glad that someone understands what it means to stay on the ball as long
as possible. Bravo! However, I do believe that there are some rotational characteristics
that should be applied along with the linear. Do you agree?



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