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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Swing critique needed -- 2nd try

Posted by: Jimmy () on Fri Feb 16 13:40:30 2007

> Denny,you've got no clue if you believe that golf, basketball and tennis share basic set
of core movements. Take note of the Jimmy posts and you'll gain a better understanding
of the biomechanics of sports. Everyone has different strengths and abilities and the way
we learn can be totally different. Quit your dogmatic baloney and insistence that there are
only two ways to hit a baseball. No one teaches purely linear hitting and I don't know any
good coach that did...yes there is rotation in hitting, whoa, what an amazing discovery. A
better understanding of timing, balance, linkage and athletic leverage will serve you better
in understanding sport movements. There are many ways to get things done in sports.
There are pro golfers who stay on their back side; there area others that bump, rotate with
a major weight shift. Some are big muscle players and others use their hands and
forearms to control the club and produce power. Some basketball players shoot from the
legs up others rely on elbow and wrist flick; some fall away when they shoot others always
land forward. Athletes get things done differently depending on their particular strengths
and weaknesses...its always been that way. jima


Thanks for the props, and you made excelent points in your post.



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