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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Can someone explain to me

Posted by: Major Dan (markj89@charter.net) on Fri Dec 7 11:49:58 2001

I am delving deeper and deeper into rotational mechanics, and I am trying to understand each aspect.
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> > > > > > > Thanks
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> > > > > > Paul -
> > > > > > torque is either two forces pushing in the opposite direction on opposite ends of an object to make it spin/turn OR one force pushing one end of an object while the other end is held stationary to make it spin/turn. (got that? )
> > > > > >
> > > > > > At the start of the swing, before or near the beginning of shoulder turn, the hands can torque the bat. By keeping the bottom hand still (not pulling forward), the top hand pulls back toward the catcher. This gets the bat barrel moving, arcing back toward the catcher as the shoulder turn pulls the bottom hand into the swing.
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> > > > > > Hope that helps. If you need examples, Gary Sheffield, Carl Everett, Barry Bonds, etc. Look for players who wiggle the bat and try to see what they are doing.
> > > > >
> > > > > Major Dan: It's the moment of truth, the batter decides to swing. Can you suggest any mental or physical cues to help the batter "keep his bottom hand still"?
> > > >
> > > > >>>M.D. were back to tht,as I remember in Jack's film he mentioned that you could create torque by holding the bottom still and pushing or pulling the top hand ,then he said something like if the hands went in opp. directions this would create torque then he never went into that example again.Personally that is how I see getting the most tht.I turn the bottom of bottom hand up as the top hand pulls back,they go in opp. directions allowing for more muscles to control and torque the bat.Try Jack's idea of a bat held vertical in front of you hold it like a bat at bottom and move the bottom wristup and top wrist back and down,see which feels more powerful.Also remember that it is tougher to get a static body part moving than 1 in motion.Last I think that the bottom hand may pull down just a little right before as a prelude right into tht that body in motion thing again.Look at Sheffield is just his top hand moving in his stance or is he moving them both making the bat torque.
> > >
> > > RQL,please refer to my question to Major Dan. In addition, please comment on my observation that it seems like what you are saying is think "lead with the bottom hand".
> >
> > RQL-
> > I agree. I posted a while back about Barry Bonds starting his hands low and the lifting process creating just what you described.
> > I think its easier doing it from low hands than from up high but I agree that Sheffield, etc. work both hands.
> > The trick, as Hitman is pointing at, is to both pull the bottom hand 'forward' and not pull the bottom arm forward.
> > #1 - the bottom hand/arm does not move toward the pitcher, regardless. It must sync into the shoulder turn and be pulled.
> > #2 - the bottom hand action is in the wrist, not the shoulder. You can tilt the bat head forward by moving your wrist to the thumb side, you can move it back by moving the wrist to the pinky side.
> > #3 - you can also get similar action by rocking the box ( the whole elbow/shoulder complex ala Dusty Baker's book). but that can lead to bottom arm pull.
> >
> > Hitman - its the moment of decision. You keep the bottom hand arm back by taking the slack out and keeping it across your chest. Pull your top hand shoulder back by loading your scapula (shoulder blade toward the spine). It will stretch the lead arm. Then uncoil the kinetic chain and let the shoulder turn pull the lead arm into the swing. Coordinate tht and the back elbow snapping down to the rib cage as the shoulders engage.
> > Hope that makes sense. Come back at me til we clarify this....
> Major Dan-
> That was GOOD!

Thanks, Tom.
Where's hitman when we need him


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