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Re: Drills for hitting o/s pitches

Posted by: Shawn (mariner0324@yahoo.com) on Tue Feb 20 12:39:43 2007

> My team is struggling with seeing the outside pitch as a strike and they do not swing. What drills can be done to overcome this and train the eye to recognize the hittable outside pitch?
> Struggling in Florida


I doubt it's seeing the ball or an eye problem. If it's a fastpitch team a pitcher can dominate at many levels with just an outside pitch. The reason isn't because the hitters don't see the pitch, it's because they don't how to hit the pitch.

How much time have you spent working on hitting outside pitches? They must understand that if a pitcher is throwing away alot, they must go with that pitch. There's no secret here and no real mechanical change, you just need to spend some time on hitting the outside pitch.


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