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Posted by: ray porco () on Fri Dec 7 19:17:04 2001

To All,
> The reason for this post is twofold: 1) to give you an update of new videos and products that will soon be available, and 2) to get your input on the future operation of the discussion board. In relation to the second point, it appears to many people that the topics currently on the board focus more on chit-chat and personality conflicts than on a serious discussion of the baseball/softball swing.
> BatSpeed.com is currently in the process of developing a professionally created drills video to complement the instructional video. The current instructional video (“The Final Arc”) explains the theory and principles of rotational mechanics. The new video (“The Program”) will focus on a sound step-by-step method for teaching rotational mechanics. Both videos should complement each other nicely.
> Additionally, we intend to have a bat speed meter/radar available so that you can check your swing speed and assess the progress of your mechanics. Unlike most other swing speed meters on the market, we intend to have this product available for well under $200.00. We are also considering making available a “heavy bag” since many of you have requested this product.
> We look forward to having these products available early next year.
> We would like your opinion on the future of this discussion board. Before we get into this topic, here is a general set of guidelines that we have attempted to follow to this point in accepting posts on this board:
> << >
> It is also very important to point out that we encourage everyone’s point of view related to baseball and softball, including those that disagree with ideas presented on this site. If we were all in agreement, we would have very little to discuss. We just encourage and expect some tact and consideration when challenging another person’s point of view. >>>
> Now, our viewership is higher than every before and more people are posting than in the past. But it is also apparent to many viewers that a select number of individuals (some of whom use several different handles/names) are attempting to alter the focus of this board to put it mildly. Some individuals wish that this discussion board would turn into a chat room or news group, some wish to gripe about other individuals, some like to vent, some refuse to keep the discussions on baseball or softball topics, and some just wish that this board would go away altogether. But then there is a majority of us who want to read about different ideas, learn from one another, discuss and share the mechanics of the baseball and softball swing. This has always been the purpose of this board, and that is what we are trying to protect.
> However, in the last few months, a relatively small number of posts are meeting this objective. We encourage you to take at look at recent posts because lately the discussion board looks more like an AOL chatroom than a discussion board that was intended to focus on the mechanics of the swing.
> We are considering different options for the future of this discussion board to protect the above stated goals, but we would like to know what the majority of you, our viewers, think. Are you satisfied with the content appearing on the board or do you think some changes could improve this board? Our options appear to be the following: 1) Leave the board as it is, 2) Put the board in toggle mode (where posts will not appear until they have been reviewed and determined to meet the criteria listed above) to ensure that all posts relate to baseball and softball. 3) Create a members forum where all individuals can read the posts, but to write a post you must become a member and sign in with a handle and a password. To be a member and sustain membership, your posts must meet the guidelines discussed above. We are leaning toward number two, but would like to know what you think.
> We believe that your input will assist us in determining the future direction of this board. Please post all replies to this thread only. Please do not start a new thread related to this topic. Also, feel free to email us.
> We appreciate your input.
> Batspeed.com


you asked for it(input).

in may and august i posted unsolicited input regarding this site.
i will repeat:

1. there is no format to topics. everything is "bits and pieces, discussed and discarded, --- next topic."

2. hardly anyone keeps thoughts directed toward current topic. too many tangents to discussion which are distracting and cause loss to train of thought. longest threads are mud-slinging threads.

3. no models for definition and comparison.

4. pet peeve: i've stated before - i don't see any value in posting if i can't get anything out of a discussion (selfish - yes, but for me, necessary). i become bored and lose patience with poster's who think they can get easy answers to hard questions. poster's that ask questions without first putting in the time to read past posts on the subject currently being discussed. poster's who don't know how, or are not willing, to research.

identifying problems is only half the battle. here are some solutions/recommendations:

current posting format (discussion board format) plain ole sucks.


1. is unneccessarily taxing to try and keep track of latest posts.

2. has print which is too small.

3. has no MPEG clips of various batter's.

4. has no search engine for archives.

5. has no way to separate topics.

take a lesson from format's used by setpro and tolson. i would strongly advise this, because i understand setpro is starting up again.

one last item:

the following is a quote by Jack Mankin:
"To make sure I correctly identified a players swing mechanics, I charted 15 swings (at good pitches to hit) of each player over a two year period. I then devised a system whereby I could identify players according to the characteristics of their mechanics. I used 39 different mechanical characteristics and developed 12 swing classification that players fit into. It was truly amazing how close the performance stats were for players with the same classification. There was other very interesting findings I made during the charting phase of the research and I will discuss them with you when those subjects arise."

suggestion/question: jack, why don't you present those 39 different mechanical charactistics to the discussion board, one at a time? discussion could take place on each characteristic and then present your 12 swing classifications, one at a time.

just a thought!

yours in baseball,
ray porco



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