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Re: p.s.

Posted by: BatMan () on Sat Dec 8 10:58:26 2001

Can somebody please explain to me how squashing the bug and hitting an outside pitch can be accomplished. If you squash the bug, won't your hips be turned over to the third base side? How is it possible to take the pitch to right field?
> >
> >
> > tom,
> >
> > "squashing the bug" can be interpreted by different people, many different ways. as a general rule i don't advocate the seemingly physical translation of what the term seemingly implies. therefore, an answer by me would just muddy the water. sorry for the cop-out, but if you better define what you mean (in physical terms) by "squashing the bug"?
> >
> > but, your question has generated the most interesting discussion here, in a long time.
> > if i may, tom, with apologies to you, ask a question of all recent posters to this thread (yourself, batman, jack, tom.guerry).
> >
> > assumptions:
> > rh pitcher
> > rh batter
> > normal stance (not up nor back, nor in nor out)
> > fastball with no movement, belt high
> >
> > question:
> > two pitches thrown - one over the center of the plate and one on the outside corner.
> > where do you feel the optimum contact point for either pitch is, in relation to home plate?
> >
> > ray porco
> >
> >
> > i should have said
> rh rotational batter
> and hi shawn, i would like to hear your answer to the above question as well.
> ray porco
> I would love to hear the answer as well. This question has been on this site time and again.

Again, it has to do with optimum bat angle ( in relation to home plate), which in turn is related to what part of the ball you hit (middle, inside, outside). And in the end, contacting the ball optimally determines whether you prematurely roll over the top hand.


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