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Re: Re: CHP w/ New Video Clip

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Feb 21 16:21:06 2007

>>> Jack,

I'd like to point out that if the hitters hands would have traveled more linearly just from the point before contact to the point after contact, instead of taking a hard left turn away from the ball, the swing would have a better chance of contact on the sweet-spot on an actual pitched ball.

We are not talking about plate coverage, we are talking about the barrel staying on the linear path that the ball is pitched on in order to give better odds of solid contact, and stronger contact.

You show a line of the pitched ball and a line of the bat path with your side view, but the overhead view shows a bat path that does not match the path of the pitch. The hitter has poor chances of solid contact. <<<

Hi Jimmy

Well, maybe we are making progress after all. Are you now saying the hands should take an angular path (rather than linear) until just before contact? Is it your present position, that straightening out the hand-path just prior to contact, keeps the meat of the bat inline with the flight of the ball longer to produce better contact?

Jack Mankin


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