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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: CHP w/ New Video Clip

Posted by: mike (yanks4321@aol.com) on Wed Feb 21 21:01:50 2007

> > > I have to agree with Teacherman and Jimmy.
> > >
> > > But in my own opinion, everyone thinks way too much about the whole linear and rotational theory. From what I have read on this site, most of you think that EVERY average hitter is linear. By linear, you guys say "A to B" In my entire life, I have never seen a hitter go exactly "A to B" as you guys say it. No one does it. You claim that if your not rotational, then you go "A to B". Please, someone give me a clip of someone actually hitting going "A to B". And I am not talking about a clip that some hitting guy made where he shows an example of a "A to B" swing. I want an actual clip that shows someone going straight "A to B", with no rotation at all. Because I guarantee you cant find one. It is impossible to hit a ball with any authority using "A to B". Never in my life have I seen someone do that. Maybe its not completely rotational, but it is definitely not "A to B" as you describe it. I think you just think that rotational is something that cant be natural, you think that everyone just hits linear.
> > >
> > > Don't get me wrong, I am not saying you guys teach the wrong things at all, I think you guys are great. But you describe rotational as if no one does it unless they are taught it. Like I said, please send me a clip of a real hitter hitting linear as you claim it to be "A to B" Hitting is both rotational and linear, not just one.
> > Thanks>>>
> >
> > --------
> >
> > Amazingly, circles on my computer and in the video I posted must somehow transform into straight lines on your guys computer.
> >
> > Mike, you agree with me that John's swing is rotational. You just think that there must also be a linear component (but you don't define why or where). So Mike I'll put you to the same test - post a video that shows John, Pete Rose or any great hitter using part linear/part rotational mechanics.
> >
> > While you guys are gathering that video ... of course you will NOT see professional hitters using linear mechanics. You CANNOT survive MLB pitching with a linear swing. They get weeded out before ML ball. But it is common teaching in college, high school and below (which is who this site is designed to help).
> >
> > Throughout my 12 years of playing baseball, watching thousands of games, and attending numerous coaching clinics, all that I ever heard from coaches was "A to B handpath", "throw your hands at the ball," "quick hands to the ball," "keep your shoulder in there," "don't rotate your shoulders open," "keep a direct line to the ball," etc., etc. Do you disagree that common linear ques are not being taught in lower level ball?
> >
> > I never heard a coach say, "rotate your lead shoulder," "keep your lead arm tight across your chest and rotate your body," "use your legs and body to initiate shoulder rotation." Did you?
> >
> > Mike, I would suggest that you not allow the definition of linear and rotational mechanics to become confusing by a group who has an an agenda to redefine linear/rotational mechanics. 5 years ago this same group denied that there was such a thing as rotational mechanics. Rather than admitting they were wrong, they try to redefine things to save face. This redefining process is constantly happening.
> >
> > (The history of the forums tell an interesting tale of how the naysayers evolved over time - but Jack hasn't had to change the pages on this forum since it opened. His rotational teachings are as true today as they were when we opened).
> >
> > Okay, now let's see the video ...
> >
> > Brian
> We got Brian going, never seen you post before.
> I'm the one who said there is a linear component. I don't have anything to convert John's swing. I don't think you are understanding what I mean by a linear component. I'm talking about the forces acting on the bat and there is some linear translation. So far you can't see any of the clips I posted. I will post some Gif animation that anybody can see of the linear forces and translation happening in the swing.
> I'm very interested in this topic as I recently have been looking at the upperbody closely. I would like your and Jack's views on the subject.

Brian, you say a linear term is "quick hands to the ball," What makes that linear????? Quick hands to the ball means quicks hands to the ball. You wouldn't say "quick hands to the ball" to a rotational hitter?? Oh no, sorry, im wrong, you would tell him SLOW hands to the ball, right?? That really makes a lot of sense. You say linear hitters don't "rotate their shoulders" Like I said, show me a clip of any hitter at any age not rotating their shoulders in their swing. It doesn't happen, everyone rotates their shoulders. You think someone is going to get up to the plate and not rotate their shoulders?? Is that even possible?? To swing a bat with any authority at all and not rotate their shoulders?? You takes these quotes a little too far.

And one more thing Brian, could you point out to me where in my discussion I said that the video clip of John or whoever it was used linear and rotational mechanics?? I would love to see it. Thanks


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