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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: CHP w/ New Video Clip

Posted by: Brian (support@batspeed.com) on Wed Feb 21 22:41:47 2007

We got Brian going, never seen you post before.
> I'm the one who said there is a linear component. I don't have anything to convert John's swing. I don't think you are understanding what I mean by a linear component. I'm talking about the forces acting on the bat and there is some linear translation. So far you can't see any of the clips I posted. I will post some Gif animation that anybody can see of the linear forces and translation happening in the swing.
> I'm very interested in this topic as I recently have been looking at the upperbody closely. I would like your and Jack's views on the subject.


Shawn: It's incredible the amount of energy and dedication that it takes to keep up with a forum for years on end. I thought Jack deserves a little breather after working so hard on the new project. lol.

The difference in your post referring to "linear components" and others is that you referred us to a clip to explain what you are saying, rather than dismissing our videos out of hand. I'm willing to look and see if there is something to learn. I think I understand what you are saying (and what TM said), but as Jack's initially posted, I wonder if what you are seeing is due to the fps and shutter speed of the videos you are watching (you may not be seeing the blur, thus leading you to think there is a straight movement), but we'll take a look.

A question for you - if the swing is initiated with shoulder rotation and good linkage of the lead arm with the back arm staying in the Power "V", causing the arms to move in a circular arc as John and Pete Rose's swing did, what is the net effect of what you are saying? In other words, do you think they should modify their mechancis because you may see a linear force applied to the bat near the lag position? Or it is a distinction without a difference?

If it is merely a distinction without a difference, I am concerned it will confuse most batting coaches and players (99.5% of people who read the forum as compared to the .5% who post), and give the impression that they need to apply 1/2 linear and 1/2 rotational components to their swing. Our goal is to educate players and coaches who read the forum (not those who actively post and whose main objective is to put up a roadblock ... not referring to you). So it's fine for us to talk about it in a technical sense, but I don't want 99.5% of our viewers to get the wrong impression if it results in no difference to the final outcome of a rotational swing.



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