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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: CHP w/ New Video Clip

Posted by: Brian (support@batspeed.com) on Thu Feb 22 00:07:54 2007

> And Brian, here is my video of a great hitter, Alfonso Soriano, hitting linear and rotational. I say linear and rotational because according to you, being quick with your hands to the ball is linear, which Soriano definitely does here (as does EVERY great hitter), and look, his shoulders rotate, so he must be rotational too.
> Heres the clip: mms://a1503.v108692.c10869.g.vm.akamaistream.net/7/1503/10869/v0001/mlb.download.akamai.com/10869/2006/open/tp/archive09/092206_wasnyn_soriano_40th_2b_tp_350.wmv?ct3=-1&ct4=mlb&ct5=17-Feb-07
> And Im still waiting for your clip??


Thanks for the clip. I agree with you, Soriano is a very good hitter with a very good swing. What if I told you that his swing is virtually identical to John's swing. Would you believe it?

Well, I just put Soriano's swing side by side to John's in our new software and made a mini side by side video. There is virtually no difference. Both have very good rotational (non-linear) swings. No kidding, it looks virtually identical. I was amazed how similar they are.

If I email you the mini-video, will you respond to this post and tell everybody whether the swings are virtually identical? I trust that you have an open mind and will give everyone an honest response.

BTW, being quick to the ball with the bat does not make you linear ... but using a straight handpath to the ball does. A rotational swing takes less frames than a linear swing to get to contact.

Let me know. I think you'll find it interesting.



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