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Re: weight distribution

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sun Dec 9 19:58:11 2001

>>> My son and I did some tee and soft-toss for the first time using the new mechanics. I noticed, at the finish of each swing, that both his ankles had rolled outward. Is this OK or is it an indication of something wrong in the swing? Can you rotate too far? thanks. gary <<<

Hi Gary

Good swing mechanics will accelerate the bat-head to its maximum velocity in the contact zone. That is a few degrees, plus or minus, of being perpendicular to the ball’s path. So the energy (or momentum) of the bat is directed in the general direction of the pitcher. During the follow-through, the pull from the bat’s momentum is also toward the pitcher. This normally pulls the batters’ weight forward and can even cause the back-foot to leave the ground and slide forward.

If the batters’ mechanics develop too much of its bat speed and energy after passing through the normal contact zone, the bat’s momentum during the follow-through will be directed more toward the short-stop or third-base. Momentum pulling in that direction can cause the problem you describe. --- I would suggest that you have him practice developing bat speed earlier in the swing. A good inward-turn and make sure that the bat is brought to contact (perpendicular) as shoulder rotation is completed. Working with a heavy bag can be a big ,big help if you do not already have one. The batter should not try to drive through the bag – he should have depleted all energies, rotational included, by contact.

Jack Mankin


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