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Re: Re: Re: Re: rear elbow in the slot drill

Posted by: Jerry (perfact11@hotmail.com) on Sat Feb 24 05:48:10 2007

> Nonsense.
> The handle torque keeps the hands where they need to be.
> Chris,
> When will you understand cause and effect?

Trying to find a drill to prevent casting of the hands. It looks to me after looking at big league swings that they have there rear elbow real close to there side on all swings. Even outside pitches which my guess is they wait for the ball to get closer to the plate to swing. (My guess).

Was at a hitting clinic that did videos of all of kids swinging the bat. I had the chance to watch them analyze all the videos from 8 up to High School(divided into age groups of course). What I found interesting was about 70% of the kids casted there hands.

When a person cast there hands, there rear elbow cannot be at there side, can it?

So my question again, what is a good drill to keep the rear elbow in? (Besides the fence drill which I hear plenty of cons about).

Now I know you guys are real knowledgeable about swings on a higher level, especially about rotational and linear swing mechanics which I will admit goes over my head. Not looking to get in the middle of anything, all I want is one drill that is agreed on for rotational hitters.

No I am not a teacher and will leave that up to the professional.

Respectfully Yours


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