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Re: Re: need a little help

Posted by: BatMan () on Wed Dec 12 07:56:10 2001

I'm involved in a discussion of hitting mechanics on a high school baseball web site and the fellow I'm discussing it with likes hitting.com. After looking at hitting.com, in order to better understand what this fellow means (I am also trying to get him to post on here), I find it difficult to pin down exactly what hitting.com is proposing. It sounds pretty linear, but there are mixed signals and it's all in bits and pieces. Perhaps if you buy his package there is more, but from what I see (closed front foot, knob to the ball, etc) I am not interested in his product. For the sake of helping me with my discussion with this fellow, can someone give me a rundown of the mechanics taught at hitting.com? If you would prefer to do so by email for some reason that's fine as well.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Mark H.
> Mark H,
> I reviewed the site you asked about. It's poor.
> Most of what I read is telling us what "not" to do. This is a fundemental error of coaching, especially for young kids. You can't teach anyone to do something by telling what "not to do." Untrained athelets will try to repeat what they see. But their actions are determined by some natural tendicies that they get from who knows where.
> A coach can't cure mistakes of natural tendicies without repelacing it with something. So, telling a kid "don't do" this or that will not work unitl you give him something to replace it with.
> But, on the hitting.com site, this is not a case of the common error of coaching. They are telling you that the things that are commonly said are wrong. By doing this they put questions in the reader's mind. I didn't read any actual coaching information that wouild correct these mistakes. These questions can be ansewred only by buying their product.
> Based on the questions I would say that their products will be a repeat of what is being commonly said in the "baseball training video" industry.
> In this sense the Batspeed.com site is better in that it actually gives information. While much of the information is wrong, its a more honest approach. Well, maybe wrong is too strong a word. It's misguided and incomplete.
> Joe A.

Joe, you are always leaving us hanging. Instead of just saying "misguided and incomplete", why don't you provide specific examples so we can discuss them?


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