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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: SKIPPER, question about timing

Posted by: Skipper (csu2727@yahoo.com) on Fri Jan 7 13:50:05 2000


Let me ask you, from a "THEROETICAL" stand point according to (and no I'm not a "into heavy" science major) if you could accelerate the bat through the contact point (i.e. F=MA) - in theory would not that impart a greater force? I understand that in the "real world" the ball does slow the bat. But in theory and when teaching (not to be misleading) - everything I have posted is correct, in my opinion. You have made some excellent points (as I have noted) causing me to think but not retract any statement.

And if you have played the game (as you indicate) I would think that you have agreeded to disagree as well as had some friendly team mate bantering from time to time. You seem to be a sharp guy - I've enjoyed the "mini-war' and learned some too. Now, here's a fun fact you can use - I'm left handed. So, tell me to put my hat on stright or don't walk sideways. Here's a helpful hint for you - use pens that have caps rather than push buttons and you won't need that unsightly plastic thing any more.

Sorry, that was mean - can we still use your bat and ball?

All kidding aside - Really enjoyed the discussion.

Talk to you soon,


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