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Re: Re: Tom Guerry

Posted by: () on Fri Dec 14 16:06:25 2001

>>> A few days ago Ray Porco asked a specific question and got a non-answer from Jack.Like I say, why don't we just put the matter to rest because I'm not going to get a specific answer to a specific question. I accept that reality and so we might as well move on to the next topic.<<<
> >
> >
> > Hi BatMan
> >
> > Below is the only question Ray asked.
> >
> > question:
> > Ԥtwo pitches thrown - one over the center of the plate and one on the outside corner. where do you feel the optimum contact point for either pitch is, in relation to home plate?Ԭ
> >
> > My answer was: ԤRay, normally I would have a batter practice making contact when the bat becomes perpendicular for most pitch placements. But there will be times (being jammed with a pitch for one) when this is not the best choice. --- Contact is made about even with the lead-knee.Ԭ
> >
> > What more did you want me to respond to? -- In order to relate the contact point to the plate, I would have needed to know the batters length of stride and point of foot-plant in relationship to the plate.
> >
> > Jack Mankin
> >
> Actually your response was:
> > " First, I would need the answers to more assumptions
> > „« How many outs?
> > „« How many on base?
> > „« Hitting behind the runner or need a fly ball?
> > „« How fast am I?
> > „« How deep is the third baseman playing?
> > „« How much power do I have?
> > „« How long is my stride?
> > „« Etc.
> >
> > Ray, normally I would have a batter practice making contact when the bat becomes perpendicular for most pitch placements."
> I agree that Ray should have defined the reference point better, E.G., with foot plant at front edge of home plate, feet 16 inches from plate, etc. Nevertheless, I think you could have defined your own reference points and your viewers could extrapolate from there.
> The point is, how far out in front of home plate for the various contact points is an important issue. But I can see that this issue does not want to be addressed at this site because it opens up so many holes to the prevailing theory (at this site) as to how to hit an outside pitch.
> Thank you for your time and probably to your satisfaction I will leave the site. It seems that you don't want to discuss the pros and cons of your theories, just the "pros". So long!!!


Jack is remarkably tolerant of other viewpoints on this site. He is even remarkably tolerant of snotty attitudes and petulant posters. If you want to go, that's fine, but to leave a pouting post on your way out seems childish to me. Or am I missing something?

Mark H.


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