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Re: Re: CHP

Posted by: grc () on Sun Mar 4 08:44:29 2007

> > Can you please help explain what exactly CHP is, and how you achieve it? I must admit that your site is very confusing, and my 10 year old wants to learn rotational mechanics, but cannot. Please help!!
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> CHP stands for circular hand path. In laymans terms this means making the bat head hook to the ball. This produces a whip effect which adds an upswing trajectory to the ball. The idea is to create a slight loft to the ball which increases the chances of lifting the ball for power. The power comes from taking a winding circular motion much like a windmill at an uward angle which helps the ball carry for more distance.
> Jack Mankin has attempted to show that top hand and bottom hand torque produce a quicker swing. It would make sense as to the fact that if one pictures a windmill with a rubber band that pulls a windmill arm back and releases it it should have the effect of making the windmill rotate faster than just starting the windmill from a set position. But the question lies in is this force actually taking place when a hitter brings his hands back. Maybe maybe not through observation. Each great hitter is not doing the same thing although it may look similar.

i think jack would disagree with your characterization of chp as creating a 'whip affect"...


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