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Please respond, Joe A

Posted by: Saat () on Sat Dec 15 12:15:34 2001

I think that reason for keeping the back elbow up is that it creates maximum "cock" in the wrists.
> > >
> > > Try this. Take a stance with your back elbow pointing to the ground. Move your wrist back and forth and you will find that there is "play" in your wrists. In other words, the wrists can be cocked back further than they are.
> > >
> > > Now rise your back elbow parallel to the ground. Notice that your wrist can not be cocked any more. From this position, when drop your elbow to you start your swing, your wrists are in "maximum cock postion."
> Good morning, Joe.
> I tried what you said, but I can move my wrists equally with a high elbow or a low elbow. Maybe I just don't understand what you mean by the wrists being cocked. (back of knuckles toward the elbow or thumb toward the elbow?)
> IMO, the value of a high elbow is that with the elbow high I can tilt the bat head more toward the pitcher and use the play in my wrists to get pre-launch top hand torque, as Jack would call it.
> Though Jack and I disagree on this, I like to use the elbow down movement to continue that tht as the bat gets pulled into the swing plane. Or, in other words, the top hand pulling the bat back toward the catcher is aided by the elbow pulling down - use the elbow down to pull the fingers...
> Could you also explain the value of "when drop your elbow to you start your swing, your wrists are in "maximum cock postion."" I don't understand what is important about that, but would like to know your thoughts on the matter.

Joe, I too would be interested in your thoughts. Please respond to Major Dan. Afterall, you did start the thread.


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