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Re: Re: Professional experience

Posted by: Mark H. () on Sat Dec 15 13:48:01 2001

>>> Just a question. Can you provide a list of Major League Hitting Coaches you have worked with and any active or retired Professional Hitters? You may have already done this but I am new to your site and was just wondering. <<<
> Hi Troy
> Welcome to the site. Saat is correct, I have no professional experience. --- In no way do I consider my knowledge of situation hitting, reading pitchers or many other areas of hitting equal to that of professional coaches. But when it comes to having a deeper understanding of batting mechanics and the principles of generating bat speed, I feel comfortable in stating that I (and a few other coaches that post on this site) am more advanced than the professionals.
> If you have material from a Major League Hitting Coach or retired Professional Hitter that is superior to the material on this site or can refute the batting principles I teach please feel free to present it.
> Jack Mankin

I would say that from the shoulders to the bathead, you have no equal with the possible exception, as you say, of a few guys on here. And you sure don't run from a discussion. Although it must be frustrating to answer people who apparently haven't taken the time to read through your material. (speaking gererally, don't have anyone in particular in mind right now)

Mark H.


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