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Re: Re: Re: Bonds clip

Posted by: Shawn (mariner0324@yahoo.com) on Tue Mar 6 09:54:09 2007

> I'll comment on it. It appears to be a video of Bonds taking a bp cut.
> With thousands of pictures and videos of Bonds out there, I suppose this one is showing something that has rarely been seen before and strengthens the agenda of someone.
> My guess is that we are supposed to focus on Bonds letting go with one hand or something along that line.

Are you blind that you cannot see this is game footage? You can't see the pitcher or can tell this was shot from a helmet cam from the catcher?

You tell me what you see.

I think the clip shows several good things.
> As I've mentioned from time to time, it's amazing how people can look at one image and see what they are looking for and discount the thousands of other images that show something else.
> So Shawn, what are we supposed to see this time?


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