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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Home alone with a

Posted by: Jeff (islc.net) on Sat Jan 8 17:39:36 2000


Learn something new every day. I expected the results you site on the bottom end, especially after overload/underload training (that's the whole point of it, after all.)

If what you've told me about the upper end is correct, then I've either read conflicting reports or misinterpreted something.

Or maybe not.

What factors would cause certain athletes not to lose bat speed in porportion to added mass. I'm assuming, of course, there is some upper limit for everybody. Eventually, Roger Maris would be lugging a tree trunk and wouldn't hit the ball anywhere.

A related question: You mentioned younger kids being better off with lighter bats. I don't recall if you're familiar with Ferroli or not, but if so, what are your thoughts on his recommendation that younger kids learn to hit with longer, heavier bats.



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