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Re: Re: If bat speed is the holy grail of hitting....

Posted by: Jeremy () on Wed Mar 7 19:23:06 2007

from what ive heard yes you hit the ball farther with a heavier bat swinging at the same speed of a lighter bat. But a giant bat and bat speed arent the only ways to hit the ball hard. An article on pujols said he swings hit bat around 87 mph. when my bro was a soph in hs he swung a wood bat 88 mph all out.

of course pujols could crank it up if he wanted. sammy and mcgwire were recorded in triple digits before. and pujols doesnt use a babe ruth size bat, i believe i read somewhere that pujols uses a 31 1/2 to 32 ounce bat and he swings it around 87 mphs in the game...so how does he hit so hard? my guess is pretty much great mechanics and EFFICIENCY!

your son may swing harder yet the big boys might have more efficient swings as far as transfering more of their energy through their swing with less bat speed, which if they are bigger they obv have the pontential to generate more energy with their body. also swinging harder may make your son or whoever jerk more in his swing causing him to pull off on balls or just get on top or underneath and not hit the ball as solid. theres tons of things that can go into it IMO


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