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Poor timing, and pulling head

Posted by: matt mosley (whereismosley@yahoo.com) on Thu Mar 8 10:38:18 2007

hey!!!! my timing is way off. every time that i go to the plate i try to get a good hit. i used to hit for power and i used to hit anout 12 homers a year. but lately i've been jerking my head and taking my head off the ball. what should i do to get my timing back? i havnt hit a big clutch hit in about a year. it was only about 350 feet. im only 16 years old and ive already been on top of my game and than it suddently droped. in my first year i was batting about 500(avg.)0(homers) and 26(rbi-s) in my second year i batted about 700(avg)15(homers) and 56(rbi-s) but now i cant do anything. am i trying to hard?? please try to help me im very desprate


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