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Re: Re: Read the rest of the site first

Posted by: Mark H. () on Mon Dec 17 05:20:15 2001

Along the lines of suggestions for site changes as was discussed earlier, how about if, before you can post to the discussion board, you click a button that says, "yes, I have read everything in the research, mechanics, and truisms and fallacies sections of this website. I may not agree and or understand it, but I've read it."
> >
> > Sorry, but I get impatient with those who haven't bothered to read the material before they start asking questions and making pronouncements.
> >
> > Mark H. >In the relatively short period of time that you have been on this site,you seem to be a sincere and reasonable individual.Your not going to start acting like those you are refering to ,are you?

Sometimes, I'm going to be less than noble or perfect. lol Feel free to point it out.

Mark H.


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