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Posted by: RQL () on Mon Dec 17 10:46:31 2001

>>> In the meantime, though, in answer to your question, "For inside or outside pitches, what forces other than the transfer of rotational energy (circular hand-path) and torque do you think can generate bat speed? How can linear mechanics deliver those forces?"......For inside and outside pitches, energy from the bottom up including the arms and hands is what delivers the force. I agree that for an inside pitch more complete hip/shoulder rotation means greater power. However, for an outside pitch, a pitch which is anatomically difficult/impossible to effectively hit with complete hip/shoulder rotation, a greater burden falls on the upper body to deliver the force. And yes, the force will be less than if you were pulling a pitch with full hip/shoulder rotation. It's a trade off, go "linear" the other way, hit with maybe 10 percent less power, but hit line drives & still hit them hard. Or, try & rotate ino a pitch taht is away from you & hit the ball into the ground. <<<
> Hi Saat
> Saat, of course we all agree the hands and arms use the lower body’s energy in producing bat speed. But you claim the linear mechanics exert more bat speed generating forces on outside pitches than rotational mechanics. I submit to you that only an angular hand-path (inside or outside) and torque cause the bat-head to under go angular displacement (bat speed) – and linear mechanics are not efficient in supplying those forces.
> Do you understand how top-hand-torque (upper body) applies torque to the bat from initiation to contact on outside pitches? How would you explain that a linear (straighter) hand-path generates greater bat speed than the more circular path of rotational mechanics? You can’t, it doesn’t. And neither does linear mechanics supply as much torque or for as long a time during the swing. If so – please explain how. PS: good discussion.
> Jack Mankin
> Jack,on a serious note can you tell me if what I'm doing is correct,the os corner pitch can be hit hard to center using rotation and chp just like middle in pitch mechanics.I can even hit it up middle 7-8 inches behind plate on os corner.What I cannot do is go the other way without adjusting in the lower body or more closed stance ,different than my normal slightly closed stance.


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