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Re: Re: Mass of Batter Question .

Posted by: Mike () on Mon Dec 17 13:28:49 2001

Sid well if u are right about the more massive player, don't go wearing wrist weights or a weighted belt or anything. what are u stupid. you'll look like your ready to go for weighted jog or something. my advice to u is to lift weights get stronger. the more power u swing with the farther the ball will go. forget torque preassure all the stuff on this site. its all science. remember baseball is a game, games are supposed to be fun. with hitting being apart of the game that is supposed to be fun too. i'm 15 years old last year in babe ruth i hit .550. i didn't care about torque or theory's i got up there and tried to hit the ball as best as i could and succeeded. i also lifted weights and got stronger in the off season and had the best season of my life and this year i'm going to plan and making this one even better!!! remember do what u think is right. there is no greater opinion then your own.


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