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Re: Re: Comments on the Swing

Posted by: Dennis W. () on Thu Mar 15 05:35:36 2007

> Very nice swing. Great rotation. Notice the back foot off the ground at the point of contact.
> Swing is a little slow (6-7 frames), with some signs of bat drag, but that may be due to the weight of the bat.
> He also seems to hit the ball a little far out in front. Is he trying to take his hands to the ball?
> In general I wouldn't mess with him.

I agree with Chris. I wouldn't mess with him much.
Question for Chris: You observe he slows a little in frames 6-7, I am also wondering if it is maybe because he doesn't swing through contact? From lag position straight thru to the power v. I am observing that after contact, his bat stays angled?

Help in observing.

Dennis W.


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