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Re: t olson Bernie clip

Posted by: Saat () on Tue Dec 18 13:49:57 2001

Can anyone point me to this clip?

Tom, I got it from http://members.home.net/timolson8/clips/

You will see 5 clips; the one I made reference to in my post is BernieWilliamsmpg.1.

By the way, if you or anyone can help me with the following clips at this same site, I would appreciate it:

Bernie Williams2.mpg and BernieWilliams3.mpg They play just fine in windows media player, but I can't save them.

Bernie Williams4.mpg & BernieWilliams5.mpg windows media player doesn't open up the clips at all.

Actually I have similar problems with some of the other clips in the tomolson8,9,10 and 11 series, so if Tim or anyone has some ideas it would be a big help.


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