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Re: Re: Re: F=MA by Steve

Posted by: MissouriDad (zach3737@aol.com) on Mon Jan 10 13:14:07 2000


OK, I've convinced myself that force plays an insignificant role at impact. The only way Force (accelertion) can play a role in velocity is when it is multiplied by time

V = Vo + A * t

( A * t being the integral of A over during the time of contact),
t is probably about .001 second. Force plays a role in the velocity of throwing a ball or slinging a ball with a lacrosse stick because of the length of time of force application.

Question: Where did you come up with coefficieant of restitution of 0.55? Is that just because of the composition of the ball? Another question: whould the coefficient of restitution be lower if the bat were made of foam (i.e. it gave a little at contact)?


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