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Re: Teaching mechanics but players not hitting the ball

Posted by: The Hitting Guru () on Fri Mar 16 22:39:21 2007

> I have been teaching the rotational hitting mechanics to my players
> (13 & 14 year olds) for the last three weeks.
> I video recorded them and checked their mechanics.
> They appear to be doing well (despite a few imperfections) during
> practice.
> They would hit off the coach and they would hit off our two
> pitching machines.
> During a scrimmage game last night though, they kept missing the ball and some would fall back to bad mechanics.
> I am frustrated since I worked so hard with them.
> Even the ones that apparently kept their mechanics were missing the ball.
> Is this psychological or what?
> What drills can I do to get them to calm down and hit the ball?
> I am opened to suggestions.
> p.s. I do not yell at them so the stress is not coming from me. :-)


Alex. Hang in there with regard to the kids. Eventually your hard work will at least help some.

You have to remember that kids are still developing their motor skills as well as their instincts with regard to hitting. Some will catch on faster than others. Also realize that even so called top major league hitters have mechanincal breakdowns when facing the very best pitchers. In fact, you can see hitters totally over matched with practically no chance of hitting some of the top closers. Some of these hitters have good enough batspeed are seeing the ball but yet cannot make contact.

As a start, I would have your young people try a lighter bat than they are used to swinging and or choke up on the bat and see if the results improve. Good luck!

(And remember that even though YOU are a giving instructor and giving a lot of time, energy, and perhaps money, their progress is not about you, but about them. And success is never guaranteed. But some form of improvement (however small) will eventually come.)


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