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Re: The question from a new user

Posted by: The Hitting Guru () on Sat Mar 24 23:52:41 2007

> Hello everybody! I am new to the site www.batspeed.com
> Could anyone, please, advise if there is a lot of
> spam and unscrupulous advertising. Can I trust
> all this information, which is present at this forum?
> Sorry for stupid questions, I just really want know which
> information I should trust or even pay attention.

GRIENlord. Perhaps the best way to approach any information source is to ask your self, does what I am hearing make sense. Then do further research on your own over time.

But to answer your question, the collective thoughts on this site are informative and give incite on the study of hitting. But what will actually work for a given individual depends mostly on that players talent, work ethic, and ability to absorb the basic fundamentals of hitting.


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