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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ? pitching

Posted by: Major Dan (markj89@charter.net) on Fri Jan 11 05:13:58 2002

>Good evening,
> > > > > >
> > > > > > Anyone have feedbadk on the Dick Mills pitching program. I have an 11 yr old interested in learning.
> > > > >
> > > > > The Mills program is, pardon my analogy, the 'linear hitting' of pitching philosophy. It's OK if you don't have high goals (any program is better than nothing).
> > > > > If you want some real content, check out both The Pitching Mound and Setpro.
> > > >
> > > > < I am familiar with Dick Mills Pitching philosophy and >ironically, I thought it was the 'rotational hitting'of pitching >philosophy. From my understanding he teaches that you should land >closed and then rotate to deliver the pitch. Doesn't this sound
> > > >familiar. "The keep your front shoulder in rule does have merit >during the stride and pre-launch positioning" in truisms and >fallacies. So, if you think Mill's teachings are linear in your >opinion, please tell me why and tell me how to teach pitching with a >rotational aproach.
> > >
> > > I would like to know that also. I am also interested in the site http://www.pitchingcentral.com/ that is based on Ron Wolforth's methods of coaching pitching. Does anyone have any opinions on his ideas or his site?
> >
> > If a hitting coach tells you to rotate your hips and push your hands to the ball, are they rotational or linear?
> > There is always some hip and shoulder rotation.
> > But I also don't know of a pitching controvery of linear vs. rotational (unless you start talking Mike Marshall). Pitching disputes revolve around pushing off the rubber vs. pulling, nothing happens until footplant vs. a lot happens, etc.
> >
> > I tried to give a simplistic analogy. Sorry to mislead.
> > Dick Mills program is pitching for the masses. It is an extension of the Tom House philosophy which even Tom House has begun to revise.
> > It is IMO a progam that is great for an average kid whose father/coach has no clue and they have limited aspirations.
> > It will make you average. If you are poor, average is a good thing. If you want to be a top level pitcher, D1, pro, etc. you won't get there being average. Its good for Little League kids, the kids who play Babe Ruth but can't make an AAU team, etc.
> > Dick Mills makes money by selling tapes etc. He is not cutting edge.
> > If you like the cutting edge-ness of Batspeed, check out The Pitching Mound or Setpro for pitching.
> > If you like standard stuff go to hitting.com & pitching.com
> >
> >Ok Major Dan, where do I find The Pitching Mound or Setpro? What is the address?

Here you go:

spend time in the public forums
setpro has a lot of information on the site as well to read
the Setpro PayForView pitching forum is the ultimate IMO.


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