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Re: Re: This site needs testimonials!

Posted by: skip (piks5 @ sbcglobal.net) on Thu Mar 29 08:14:02 2007

> > This site needs testimonials. Yeah, I know, testimonials are for get-rich-quick or Lose-Weight-While-Eating-More. But this site truly needs them.
> >
> > THT/CHP asks that we believe that everything our mind/body knew about a baseball swing was wrong.
> > 1. Tug back to initiate a forward swing.
> > 2. You can stay just as short to the ball (get the bathead quickly into the contact zone) by moving your hands/bathead in an arc as you can by going more or less in a straight line.
> >
> > Yet it makes sense to me.
> >
> > My 12 y.o. son hits lots of line drive singles, in travel, in the clutch. Yet, based on info on a website, his father is madly trying to convert him to a different swing. Assuming good instruction, a decent athlete, and relatively decent kid work ethic, what's the learning curve? Given those assumptions, has this NOT worked (or been a disaster?) for anybody out there in cyberspace? Typically do you get 5% more batspeed? 10%? How does CHP,once mastered at the heaving bag, alter the batter's sense of timing when first used agst. live pitching?
> >
> > Converts to a new cause yearn for testimonials. I found one today in the "learning cues" post - it will keep us going at our heavy bag station in the garage for another couple of days. (actually the new swing LOOKS good already).
> >
> > When you're asking people to make a "leap of faith" they need more than rational explanations... they need an evangelical camp meeting with testimonials from those who've made the journey and are thriving at the destination.
> >
> > Skip
> =====================================================================
> Skip. You bring up some interesting thoughts, but there is one big problem. Many of the great hitters are not technical people ex. Babe Ruth. Sure Ruth copied Joe Jackson's stance, but it is doubtful if he could breakdown why what he did worked. Another example would be Ken Griffey Sr. who supposedly taught Ken Griffey Jr how to hit for power, yet SR. was a slash hitter though he was actually as big/strong as Ken Griffey Jr. during his playing days.
> And unless the George Bretts and Barry Bonds write some technical books, the knowledge will not be passed to the lay person. So for now the testimonials will be left to use who care and think we are describing what actually takes place.
> So the question will always come up as to can real power be taught. Just as some boxers have knockoout power while others have to use the jab and use more technicl skills. Some would say the power can be taught while others say you have to be born with the basic power.

MLB-type power can't be taught to mere mortals. But wouldn't most of us agree that you can take a youth singles hitter and turn him into a youth doubles hitter is he's motivated and working with a good, knowledgeable teacher (irregardless of Lin. vs..Rot) (esp. if it's not his dad). Baseball, golf: a good efficient swing helps you hit the ball better.
So maybe it's a matter of degree. What you call "real" (ie, MLB) power is a lofty goal, but 5 or 10 more doubles over a 20-game season might be a realistic goal for a kid who's renovating his swing.



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