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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Disgusting

Posted by: coach13 (halour@netscape.net) on Fri Mar 30 04:39:24 2007

> > > > > > I play college baseball and am taught by probably one of the only instructors in america who actually knows how to teach the swing correctly...your swing mechanics are way off....I knew about 99% of coaches did not have a clue what they were talking about; but for you to post this as the most comprehensive swing analysis on the web is just terrible....rotation is probably the worst thing that can be in a swing a it forces a hitter "off line" ....i think i am going to write a book on hitting so no more nonsense can be sold to people....email me if you are interested once this happens....if it does....but trust me, reading this sort of stuff really makes me want to write one....
> > > > >
> > > > > Hey Sean
> > > > >
> > > > > Maybe you should enlighten the public with your mechanics as you have told us nothing. With your vast knowledge and biomechanical background can you explain 'why' it is wrong to rotate? What is 'off line'? When you answer questions you can post more.
> > > > >
> > > > > PS .... just means you have trouble filling in the answers.
> > > > >
> > > > > Dave P
> > > >
> > > > 99 percent of hitters in the HALL OF FAME us these mechanics. So lets hear your analysis of that 1 percent were all waiting.
> > >
> > > Chill, your probably right Sean...
> > >
> > > ?'s….If 99% of all H of F's hitters are in by using these mechanics...why, and how were they all taught with linear coaching cue's...why then does Bonds (on countless occasions!!!!!) talk about linear swing thoughts and cues? Oh ya…he’s a rotational hitter that just doesn’t know it…or he ‘thinks’ swings one way but it’s really different when you watch it in slo-mo…
> > >
> > > Here is reality; everybody is rotational, a purely linear swing in impossible however, teaching rotation (as a swing thought or key) is the surest way to guarding the Gatorade cooler on the bench. If this is such a revolutionary concept where is Jack when it comes to the ABCA convention (last winter in Orlando, next year in Philli), or any other major ‘reputable’ baseball convention…? Might that get in the way of his DVD sales to overzealous parents who are banking on buying the secret little Johnny’s future and fictional signing bonus?
> >
> > Hi Scott
> >
> > An interesting point Jack not being at the ABCA convention.
> > The rest of your post is irrational and shows a lack of maturity and knowledge. With the advent of digital photography (you can get 1000 pics. per second) what elite hitters do is no lnger a mystery. Either you are blind, uninformed or hanging onto beliefs that cannot be backed up with any evidence other than opion, and everyone has one of those to go along with something else every one has.
> ________________________________________________________
> Irrational?
> Like I said, everybody is rotational, however, today’s 'great hitters' (ala Bonds) think about hitting a baseball with linear mental imagery...'yesterdays' great hitters did the same thing...If your contention is that all of the hall of famers use these rotational mechanics BUT, (key but) were all taught by linear hitting coaches...? Ehhh? This makes no absolutely sense? How do you explain this?
> Yet again, as I asked for a number of years ago, why are MLB hitting coaches not endorsing the revolutionary concept? Why aren’t big time college programs and college coaches jumping on this ‘revolutionary’ idea? Pick up a copy of John Cohen’s “40 hitting drills to find your best swing” DVD, he’s got testimonials, he’s got numbers, he’s got your slow-mo video, it’s the real deal…it’s not gimmicy…

Hi Scott

Technical change in our society has never occured at the pace it now is. Technical knowledge is doubling every 5 years. However that being said perceptions and culture change happens at a much slower rate. I will tell you a true story about a softball player that came from a small town in Nebraska, great athlete, great hand eye coordination, but didnt have great hitting power. She was recognized as being one of the elite players in the state. Her batting average was in the high 300's. She was recruited to play college softball, her college coach changed her concepts to a purely rotational swing concept. Her CAREER college batting average ended up beinng a mere .402 but more amazing her slugging percentage was .779. Im sure you have heard of Jenny Finch, in a 3 game series against her she hit 3 home runs. In a sport where pitching dominates she became one of the elite hitters because she embraced change. She is now the head coach at a division one school and is teaching rotational mechanichs. Perceptions and culture are changing slow as it may seem. There will always be protecters of tradition. When the automobile was invented there were many people that believed that this contraption would never survive and refused to learn to drive.


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