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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Disputing Top Hand Torque

Posted by: Matt Schirm (coachschirm@hotmail.com) on Sat Mar 31 18:32:01 2007


From this camera angle I cannot tell whether or not Bonds applies forces to his bat that moves his bat barrel in a negative direction.

The following are my observations from this clip:

1. I noticed that Bonds bends at his waist so that his upper body is leaning toward home plate. I believe batters can rotate with more velocity if their upper bodies are vertical.

2. I noticed that, while the ball is in flight, Bonds moves his bat barrel from a vertical position to a more horizontal position before he begins to rotate his shoulders. I would recommend that he eliminate this movement by starting with the bat horizontal.

Thank You.

Matt Schirm


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