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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: bat grip

Posted by: Dog () on Tue Jan 11 18:24:51 2000

> Of course you wouldn't TEACH it (did I say that? I don't think so.) But don't try to change a guy if he's comfortable (and doing well.) Too many coaches try to put everyone in one "box." Grip and stance are the two most over-coached aspects of hitting (IMO.)
> BTW- a lot depends on whether you're talking about the top or bottom hand- many power hitters grip with the top hand back in the palm but at the base of the fingers with the bottom hand.
> Regards, To Steve T: I would not change any player that hits standing on their head if they produce results. I am not putting anyone in a box. If a hitter crossed his feet at the plate and said he feels comfortable but was not producing, are you going to be Mr. nice guy and say it's ok, as long as you are comfortable..Dog
> SteveT


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