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Re: Re: griffey instructo swing

Posted by: Ed Howell (howellto@home.com) on Tue Jan 22 02:07:48 2002

To all:
> >
> > My son has used this product a great deal at the Clemson baseball camp. He easily hits line drives directly into the net at the height of the tee. A former professional player who teaches in my area thinks itís a great product. To me the product helps eliminate bat-head drop, one of the biggest problems for youth hitters.
> >
> > Nick
> > >I had an instructo swing and was advised on this site to dispose of it.As you can see ,it teaches you to swing down on the ball through contact.While a line drive can be produced from this device,it primarily reinforces ground balls which is not what I want my students to hit.I tried to sell it at a used sports equipment store and no one showed any interest.


There is an updated version of the Instructo Swing. I was attending a coaches clinic this past weekend and saw it (I'm going to begin selling it). The improvement made was that now you can change the angle at which the bars are set. You can make them level or even to the point of an slight uppercut. I would never have endorsed it before but I believe, with this new addition (some of iy my idea) it can be a useful product.



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