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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: bat grip

Posted by: Dog () on Tue Jan 11 19:28:03 2000

Of course you wouldn't TEACH it (did I say that? I don't think so.) But don't try to change a guy if he's comfortable (and doing well.) Too many coaches try to put everyone in one "box." Grip and stance are the two most over-coached aspects of hitting (IMO.)
> BTW- a lot depends on whether you're talking about the top or bottom hand- many power hitters grip with the top hand back in the palm but at the base of the fingers with the bottom hand.
> Regards, To Steve T, I am not suggesting to put everyone in a box, results are the bottom line regardless of what a hitter does. but if a hitter hits cross armed or crosses their feet in their stance, are you going to say ok, as long as you are comfortable. If a hitter stands on their heads and hits 350, then sure leave them alone. By the way top hand palm and bottom hands fingers, what in the world?..dog
> SteveT


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