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batting averages

Posted by: () on Fri Jan 25 06:11:31 2002

>>>Why do you think strike outs are continuing to rise each year?
The strike zone is smaller, one would think the opposite should
be true. Does it have anything to do with the circular hand path,
Most doing it in the MLB now. If I advocated your mechanics this
winter for a massive reengineer of my team kid's mechanics
would I be giving up anything regarding average for power?<<<
> > >
> > > Hi Larry
> > >
> > > I'm not sure what the strikeout percentage is today. But I
can assure you that low batting averages and high strike out
rates are not inherent with a circular hand-path. Otherwise, how
would we explain a Ted Williams, George Brett or many of the
hitters who consistently won the crown for high batting averages.
> > >
> > > Strikeouts may be up but so are batting, slugging and
home run averages. In today's games, 15 to 25 hits are
becoming commonplace. Maybe with the circular hand-path,
routine fly balls and soft grounders are getting fewer and the
pitches must rely more on strike outs -- just a thought.
> > >
> > > Jack Mankin
> > >
> > > jack...i would love to give credit to the circular hand path for
contributing to increase in slugging & home run averages.....and,
for that matter, i would like to credit the increasing realization that
FENCE DRILL MECHANICS will contribute to opposite-field
bloopers but not home runs......but......don't you think that a
SIGNIFICANT contributing factor is the continual expansion of
the number of major league teams?? (i.e., DILUTION of the
quality of pitching)....grc...
> Pitching is certainly part of it but improved mechanics/training
is the other. Still I am befuddled by the nearly doupled ks in the
mlb the last twenty years. Pitching is weaker with a few studs
scattered around the league. Why so many ks? weaker pitching
usually means more hits fewer ks.


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