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Re: Re: Late Swing

Posted by: Tom Zvolensky (tomz@optonline.net) on Tue Jan 29 12:43:39 2002


My son is 10 and a left-handed batter. As a 9-year old last year, he started out like a house on fire hitting everything with authority. About mid-was though the season, he started to strike out a lot and hit everything to the opposite field.

On Sunday I took him to the battting cages to hit off of 30 & 40 mph machines. It was obvious he could not get around even against these low speeds. I realize it is different facing a pitching machine, but he hit against the same machines last year with ease. This has become a concern and I want to get this worked out before the season starts.

In my opinion, his swing mechanics are sound but there could be something I'm missing. He typically triggers as the pitcher's arm comes around to prepare for the swing. It is not clear to me whether he is not tracking the ball well or maybe his eyesight is the problem. I keep preaching that he has to swing sooner but he keeps doing the same thing.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and advice.

Tom, Are you hitting off a pitching machine ?If so,is the speed something your son can handle?If the speed is ok try getting your son to get started earlier.Tom, does your son have a trigger(controled movements)that can help your son with timing?How old is your son? call me if you would like 513 616-3611 ERIK LASEKE


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