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Re: Re: Re: Re: cocking the bat to aid tht

Posted by: () on Wed Jan 30 19:21:37 2002

>>> Thanks Jack, as I've been cocking the bat I have been hitting outside pitches hard the other way without trying. It seems like it makes going with the ball more natural <<<
> Hi Matt
> No doubt, pre-launch torque, when done correctly makes hitting outside pitches with real authority feel almost effortless. I would guess that your rotational mechanics must have been fairly sound before you attempted this mechanic. With more practice you may find your horizons very bright indeed.
> Jack Mankin
Jack, It's been almost a year since I have found your website. It took me a lot of reading and practicing to understand rotational mechanics. Until about two weeks ago, I used a stance kind of like Griffey. But the other day when I was hitting I tried to swing like Bonds just for fun. I noticed a big improvement in hitting outside pitches instantly. I also was getting good seperation naturaly. So I stuck with it. Now, I have a question about the stationary axis of great hitters. I've noticed that Bonds, Griffey, and McGwire all tilt their axis back about 10 degrees like you suggest. But there are a few hitters like A-Rod that tilt their axis forward. Also, I noticed more of a backward tilt from most hitters on high pitches. I guess my question is how can a hitter tilt his axis forward and still get his bat on an upgrade and in plane with the pitch?


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