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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:Re:Re: bat grip

Posted by: () on Wed Jan 12 15:15:10 2000

I may get my head bit off hear, won't be the first time. I say this because I don't have any proof. Nor do I know exactly what Steve R is looking at or thinking. If you're asking how the majority of good hitters are holding the bat at or before contact I'd say it's in the fingers. If you were looking at how they werte holding the bat while semi-relaxed waiting for the pitch you may see it touching the palm. Is that where you are basing your answer from Steve R? The way they hold it while waiting or loading? If you saw all those hhitters with the bat in their palm of their top hand at contact, their fingers would appear to be wrapped all the way around to their palm (like a throwing a punch to hit someone with the flat part of the area between the second and third knuckle), if their hand is laying pretty flat at contact (like their going to sharply jab with the point of the second knuckles) the bat is probably more out in the fingers. Dog I aggree with you, the best single peice of advice I ever got was to move the bat into my fingers to have fluidity at contact point. And this was after gripping the bat back in my palms for 10 years of baseball. Palm grip makes for a more pronounced rollover of the wrist, it makes the bat "jump up" when this rollover starts. That's what I meant by fluidity. Plus it's quicker (uh oh duck, no proof here!!!) and more relaxing (duck again) Stick to your guns dog.


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