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Re: Re: “Inward-turn”, “Separation” & “Legs”

Posted by: () on Sat Feb 2 01:00:05 2002

Hi All
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> > “Inward-turn”, “Separation” & “Legs” --- Their role in the baseball/softball swing.
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> > I know we have discussed these issues before but I still have lingering questions.
> > (1) During the “inward-turn”, if the shoulders are rotated 20+ degrees farther than the hips in the launch position – does that constitute “separation”? Yes, but the upperbody is the only part of the inward turn, while keeping your lower body open.
> > (2) If the batter opens the hips during the stride (maximum separation), what further value can the legs contribute to rotation during the swing? Should the hips open (fully or close to it for maximum separation) and serve as a stable platform for torso muscles contractions to generate shoulder rotation? There is no way that the hips can be fully open, your legs wouldnt be able to generate any power. Griffey has the greatest seperation angle at 45 degrees, his hips arent fully open, but they are slightly open at about 190-200 degrees.
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> > Your thoughts would be appreciated.
> >
> > Jack Mankin
> Hey Jack
> Pitchers land open, and they are still able to use their legs to generate velocity. Your hips are less restricted when you land open, that is why the all of the great hitters in the game land with the front foot open while keeping the shoulders back. It would be crazy to think that your hips would be comletely open when you stride, my hips are just slightly open when my front foot lands at a 45 degree angle. It is important not to bring your front leg in on and inward turn, just your shoulders back. I think a lot of batspeed comes from the stretching of the pelvis.The goal in the swing I believe is maximum seperation, so the large muscles can pull the smaller muscles through and maximize shoulder rotation.
> The Hitman
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