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Re: The swing finish

Posted by: The Hitman () on Sat Feb 2 18:43:10 2002

> although this article has been out for a while, http://www.baseballtips.com/lost_secrets_of_hitting.htmnd and there has been some discussion on it, I would like to resurrect it. The older players did have flatter swings and if these stats are correct how can one refute the benefits of a low finish. Can we rule out today's pitching as be a factor for the high finish? Do you have to be so far back on the axis and lift to have home run power? Looking at clips of today's sluggers I find there are still some who consistently finish low, even on pitches down in the zone. Juan Gonzales and Gary Sheffield are two.
> as a baseball coach this is one issue that still plagues me.
> your thoughts ?
> regards, bob

The Hitman

Well I guess the hitting instructors have a totally new way of teaching the swing, i guess ever since Charley Lau and Walt Hriniak players have been taught to finish high with a one handed follow through. Home Runs werent as popular as they are now, but their is no one set swing. So i think of it as more of a style thing than technique . Most people with a two handed swing will naturally finishe lower.


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