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Re: Re: Methods to increase hand speed.??????...

Posted by: () on Thu Feb 7 21:15:28 2002

Any info will help..............
> What is hand speed. How does it help you hit? When do you speed up your hands.

Best way to have "quick hands" is to quit trying to have quick hands (whatever that means) and learn the rotational swing. If you have a tight connection between the lead shoulder and bottom hand, keeping your hands near your shoulder during most of shoulder turn (after hip turn) then you will turn on the ball quicker than most others, people will say you have quick hands, and yet you will really not have moved your hands away from their starting point in relation to the rear shoulder until the swing is largely completed. (They will move away from the shoulder earlier for the outside pitch) In other words, quick hands is one of those meaningless cues IMO.

Mark H.


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