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Re: Getting the bat

Posted by: t olson () on Thu Feb 7 21:17:33 2002

In order to do so, it would seem logical that his hands drop, and that the bat "loop". I'm trusting that those of you (including Jack) who've been so able to describe some of the more complex attributes of the "ideal" swing using the written word can help me with this.
The hands would in fact be driven down and forward as the back elbow gets into the slot. Seems to me a loop is in fact what you get the lower the pitch is. Key is, does he drop the hands before he starts his swing (like a hitch that never gets back up) or as part of the swing? Look at video to see. But the higher the pitch, the more desireable it is to flatten the swing.

I think it really has to do with the posture adjustment to pitch location--more back bend (for a lower pitch) is still a level swing relative to the torso but looks like a loop.

So if proper posture adjustment happen in reaction to pitch location--the high or low swing is not that different in relationship to the torso. The hands should start from the same location--and they fall in line with the torso turn.

Viewing the swing from behind should show the bat at contact being close to perpendicular in relationship to a line drawn down the back of the hitter.


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